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Library Journal Review
In Voice of Fear, the latest in Graham's long-running paranormal romantic suspense series, FBI agent Jordan Wallace worries about new partner Patrick's special gift of getting into another's mind--can he read her thoughts?--but must learn to trust him as they hunt for a nasty killer (400,000-copy paperback and 10,000-copy hardcover first printing). In Johansen's Captive, Eve Duncan's daughter, Jane, is happily married to Seth Caleb, but his troubled past means threats from a psychopath. Paradise police chief Jesse Stone returns in Mike Lupica's Untitled new Robert Parker thriller, though what happens next has yet to be revealed. In Maden's Clive Cussler's Hellburner, Juan Cabrillo and his Oregon crew face a particularly violent drug-smuggling criminal syndicate that has been passed down from father to son for generations. In Patterson and Dubois's Blowback, Liam Grey and Noa Himel are upended when President Keegan Barrett orders them to help execute his secret power grab; as CIA special agents, they must follow the president's directives but are sworn to uphold the Constitution. In Turow's Suspect, Clarice "Pinky" Granum--granddaughter of Turow stalwart Sandy Stern--is working second-tier cases as a private investigator and trying to recoup from the mistakes of a mislaid life when she's asked to help Highland Isle police chief Lucia Gomez, who has been accused of soliciting sex from three male police officers in exchange for promotions.
Publishers Weekly Review
Fledgling PI Clarice "Pinky" Granum, the narrator of bestseller Turow's disappointing 12th legal thriller bordering Illinois's fictitious Kindle County (after 2020's The Last Trial), works for attorney Rik Dudek. Pinky, the granddaughter of series regular Sandy Stern, who retired in The Last Trial, is assisting Rik on the case of a client, Highland Isle police chief Lucia Gomez-Barrera. Three male subordinates have accused Gomez-Barrera of offering them promotions in return for sex. With criminal charges still being considered, the local Police and Fire Commission has moved ahead with disciplinary hearings that could result in Gomez-Barrera's termination. Pinky's digging into the chief's accusers coincides with her growing fascination with a hunky neighbor's eccentric and reclusive habits. The central plot doesn't compel, despite its connection to a murder midway through the book, and the unconventional Pinky--a former drug addict and police academy flameout with a pierced nose--comes across as more of a stereotype than a real person. Even devoted Turow fans will hope this is the last they see of Pinky. Agent: Gail Hochman, Brandt & Hochman. (Sept.)
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