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Amos McGee misses the bus
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In this follow-up to A Sick Day for Amos McGee, the pale-skinned zookeeper plans to finish his work chores early so he can take all of his animal friends on an outing--but, instead, he falls asleep at the kitchen table. Though the resultant rush for the bus unfolds at a page-turning pace, Amos ends up walking anyway as the book turns gently sedate. Upon arrival, he apologizes to the elephant waiting at the chess table: "I hope you are not upset." (The expression of deep, wordless concern on the elephant's face makes it clear that, on the contrary, the worry is all for Amos.) When Amos finally falls asleep mid-chore, as a tired zookeeper will sometimes do, the animals finish his work for him--"The rhinoceros made sure all the littlest creatures were fed," writes Philip Stead. This sequel by the married collaborators accurately duplicates the world of its predecessor. Erin Stead's skillful pencil and woodblock print art gives Amos and his charges compassionate expressions, making them the kinds of characters who draw the best out of each other. By their works, they create around them an attentive atmosphere of patience, loving kindness, and--when the work is done and they pile onto a bus--quiet, good cheer. Ages 2--6. (Nov.)
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