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New Books
A hill of beans
One fatal flaw
Tranquility Falls
Shakedown : a novel
Stone cross
Hidden Salem
The final deception
The herd : a novel
Texas outlaw
The glass hotel : a novel
The K team
Emily Windsnap and the tides of time
Tigers, not daughters
The rise of Skywalker
Smoke bitten
Beheld : a novel
Darling Rose Gold
Hit list
The red lotus : a novel
The last odyssey : a thriller
The Jerusalem assassin
The girl who lost her shadow
There will come a darkness
A conspiracy of bones
The operator : a novel
A forgotten murder
Secrets of my heart
Separation anxiety : a novel
A reasonable doubt
The boy from the woods
Servant of the crown
Gone by midnight
King and the dragonflies
Peck, hen, peck! & Ben
Meg and Rat & Puff! Puff! Puff!
Snake cake
Sheep sleep
Save the cake!
Lion spies a tiger
Lavender blue murder